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Empowering Healthcare by Cloud


It is time to Cloud!

With the rapid development of the Internet, various aspects of daily life are beginning to move to the cloud.

Web-based service systems are more convenient and easier to maintain than traditional local servers and allow for expansion and integration while ensuring security.


Check your progress anytime, anywhere

Through our cloud platform, we hope to enable more hospitals and physicians to establish partnerships.

We also hope that the cloud platform will reduce the burden of administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on diagnosis and treatment.


Next-generation cloud medical solutions


Company Philosophy

For radiologists and for society.

Founded in 2020, IWG is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Though based in Japan, IWG provides services all over the world.


Our goal is to solve the shortage of healthcare resources with next-generation cloud solutions.

“For radiologists and for society.”

Rather than replacing physicians, IWG continues to aim to improve the efficiency of the entire existing medical workflow by providing efficient reading request systems, convenient diagnostic support tools, and high-quality after-sales services.


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Tel: +81-03-4223-0655 | E-mail:

7F Ginzaitchomebiru 1-15-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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